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Four Societal factors That Influence the Business Cycle

Society’s Impact on Business

Scholars continuously research to find a sensible clarification which can answer about what causes instabilities in the economic activities.

These cyclic fluctuations are shown during the changes in the business cycles.

Significant economists echo that the corporations, like a few towing company San Jose, that endure the turbulent spells show grit and the aptitude to adjust to satisfy the customer demand. The source and consequence of business cycles remain to be a constant debate in the domain of economics. The following some of the factors that affect the business cycle.


Inflation takes place once the standard prices rise or falls. The buying control of customers is destabilized as incomes, and wages decrease in respect to the costs of goods and services which makes people use less money harming the economy. Every nation has its type of economic inflation which directly sets different currency values. People that have much cash during the inflation period incur significant losses as money loses its value.


The productivity of labor is evaluated by measuring the GDP of the country in question; which can be termed as the efficiency of the workers by measuring the total output of goods and services in that county. Many economic specialists claim that there is an association between high productivity and less inflation and when values of commodities are low, manufacturers create more amount of products. Other issues can also increase the production efficiency; e.g., better training and education can cause the creation of more effective personnel as better resources and health conditions. Furthermore, better equipment improves efficiency, because workers can perform at a higher rate.


Sometimes due to high levels of employment, it may lead to companies not being utilized to their potential, which in turn reduces the output; a situation that directly affects the economy negatively. On the other hand, fewer unemployment levels can cause an increase in economic efficiency which can improve the economy. Unemployment is just a single factor, and its influence ought to be measured just like the way other factors are treated.

Taxes and Interest Rates

Governments regimes frequently decide to alternate the fiscal policy to recover the business cycle; these efforts are made by changing interest rates and raising taxes. Fiscal policies have an impact on other factors such as economic growth and prices which can directly shake your business or venture.